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Why SLR Synergies?

Expert in Pipe Fabrication & Repair Works

We are the expert in pipe works for vessels and FPSO.

Safe & Reliable

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to repair work in hazardous condition.

Multinational and
Multiscale Specialists

We have specialist from various region to support your business needs.

About Us

SLR Synergies Pte Ltd is a marine engineering firm based in Singapore. We specialize in providing full engineering services to the offshore marine industry, across all stages of vessel repair work. We provide projects from concept development and feasibility studies all the way through to vessel modifications or adaptations, as well as repairs and maintenance during operational phase.  Our team has vast experience in working in remote and challenging environments. We aim to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients by leveraging the latest technologies available.


ISO-9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
ISO-14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
ISO-45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

Our Services

We provide a myriad of solutions to cater for your offshore marine needs.

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Piping Fabrication

Our piping fabrication service is highly reliable and efficient. We have experience in producing pipes for all types of marine applications and working environments. We are also able to provide one-stop solution for pipe fitting, so that you don’t need to find different contractors for each stage of your project.

Structure Repair

Maximize your uptime

We offer structure repair services for vessels and offshore oil rigs. Our in situ method of fixing pipe lines and structures is safe, reliable, and maximizes uptime. Our piping and structure repair services are designed to ensure your oil and gas assets are well protected,

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EX inspection

The EX inspection aims to minimize explosion and accident risks from electrical equipment in hazardous environments in offshore platforms, and assets. We include in-depth analysis of hazardous area classifications, equipment compliance inspections, and creating new drawings if needed. Our certified surveyors ensure proper containment of electrical ignition sources

Engineers Looking at the Screen

Electrical and Instrument Repair and service

We deliver insitu repair and maintenance services for instruments and electronic components onboard your assets.

Our skilled team ensures the protection and proper maintenance of your electronics by conducting regular inspections, proactive upkeep, and adhere to safety standards. With comprehensive asset management solutions, we aim to keep your electronics in optimal condition for peak performance and extended lifespan.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Cold-Pad Technology

Safe, Reliable & Durable

Cold-pad is a revolutionary adhesive bonding steelwork especially for hazardous environments. It eliminates costly downtime through an innovative and non-intrusive cold solution that can be applied to limitless structural applications, including heat exchangers, piping, flanges and more. With cold-pad, structural steelwork can be bonded in-situ and in a cost-effective manner.

Pressurized Habitat

Robust & Customisable containment

Our Pressurized hot work habitats protect workers and the environment by providing an effective engineering control measure to manage and mitigate risk. Our range of pressurized hot work habitats can be installed on-site, or we can supply a fully engineered solution complete with installation and commissioning services, ensuring adherence to process safety management system and shutdown procedure.

Specialist Sourcing

Multi-national & Multi-scale Industry Experts

With SLR Synergies, clients can get access to the best technical experts and specialist in any field or industry. You can rely on our manpower to get the job done, whatever be your requirements – short term or long term. We have a wide network of manpower throughout various geographical locations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa.

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